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Why can't I login?

This can be due to one of 2 reasons:
1) You forgot your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can automatically reset it here: Reset Password. If for any reason you don't receive the email, you can ask me for more help here: Feedback Form

2) You aren't accepting cookies in your browser. You have to accept cookies from the domain in order to login. If you don't know how to enable cookies for your browser, read this page: How to enable cookies

Why doesn't mixmap track all of my visitors?

This answer depends on what you are using to determine if MixMap is tracking all of your visitors. It can really be one of 2 things.
1) Your tracking code has been deleted. If this is the case, then you need to get new tracking code an put it into your profile. You can accomplish this by going to your MixMap profile page and clicking on the link labeled "Edit Map & Get Code" next to the tracker that isn't working. Then get the new code and paste it into your profile. You will be good to go again.

2) You are basing it off of the notoriously inaccurate myspace hit counter. You cannot base missed tracks on the difference in the number of hits recorded by the myspace hit counter and the number of hits showing up on MixMap. It is possible that MixMap misses some tracks, but we record more than 99% of all visitors.

Can I set my tracker to not track me when I view my own profile?

YES! At the top of any tracker view page (map, statistics, history, geo-stats, etc.), you will see a link that reads "Tracker Settings". On that page you can block any IP addresses that you do not want your tracker to track. Many people do not wish for themselves to show up on their own tracker. Simple enough! Just enter your IP address in the box and click the "Block IP" button. Your IP address is even provided for you just below the box.

Can I use your tracker for my MySpace Blog?

YES! We have full directions on How to install a MixMap tracker into a myspace blog.

How accurate is your tracker? Your tracker seems inaccurate at times, like it places people in a town 20 miles away. Also, at times, a bunch of visitors are lined up in a horizontal line on the map. Why is this?

Our MySpace tracker is only accurate down to a 25 mile radius 80% of the time, to a state level 85% of the time and to a country level 99% of the time. That is why sometimes you see people mapped 20 miles away. No tracker can be 100% accurate for all people, and it is not possible to pinpoint someone's exact location. We can at best only tell what city they are in.

When you see visitors lined up in a horizontal line, this is due to the fact that many visitors are from the same town. Instead of placing their markers right on top of one another, we spread them out in a horizontal line so that each one can be seen and clicked on.

I keep getting a view on my map from a location of "United States". Where would this be from? Most of my locations have a more specific destination and does not say unknown next to the IP.

Sometimes we can only map people to a country and not to a specific state or city. That's what you are seeing there. We just put down the country if we don't know the state and city.

What is the difference between "Unique Visitors" and "Page Views"?

A unique visitor is any visitor to your page. A page view is recorded everytime someone views your page. So, for example, if the same person viewed your page 10 times, you would have 1 unique visitor and 10 page views.

Can I have MixMap and still remain anonymous when being tracked by other MixMap users?

YES! If you log out of, when you are tracked by a MixMap tracker, you will remain anonymous.

What are all these "Anonymous Users" that I see visiting my page?

An "Anonymous User" is someone that visits your profile that either doesn't have an account with or isn't logged into their account.

How can I see exactly who the "Anonymous Users" are?

The short answer: They must have an account with and be logged into our site.

However, because displays all of the visitors to your page on a map, you have the advantage of knowing where the "Anonymous User" is from.

Knowing where a visitor lives can help you make a guess as to who the visitor might be, but there is only one way to definitely know who the "Anonymous User" is: They must have an account with

What is the easiest way to get the word out?

So, the best way to turn all "Anonymous Users" that visit your profile into ones you can see is to have all of your friends that visit your profile sign up for an account with

We have provided a couple of ways to make this easy for you. Just go to our Tell A Friend feature, and you can post a bulletin directly to your MySpace account. Or, if you prefer, you can send out an email to select friends.

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