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Country Geo-Stats for your tracker

CountryPercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
United States39.47%45 visitors
China31.58%36 visitors
Russian Federation10.53%12 visitors
Korea, Republic of4.39%5 visitors
Pakistan1.75%2 visitors
Indonesia1.75%2 visitors
Vietnam1.75%2 visitors
Switzerland0.88%1 visitor
United Kingdom0.88%1 visitor
Sweden0.88%1 visitor
Brazil0.88%1 visitor
Canada0.88%1 visitor
El Salvador0.88%1 visitor
Germany0.88%1 visitor
Afghanistan0.88%1 visitor
Egypt0.88%1 visitor
South Africa0.88%1 visitor

State Geo-Stats for your tracker

State or ProvincePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Guangdong, CN22.86%16 visitors
California, US11.43%8 visitors
Zhejiang Sheng, CN10.00%7 visitors
Beijing Shi, CN10.00%7 visitors
Jiangsu Sheng, CN8.57%6 visitors
Washington, US7.14%5 visitors
Gyeonggi-do, KR5.71%4 visitors
Thanh Pho Ha Noi, VN2.86%2 visitors
Oregon, US2.86%2 visitors
Islamabad Capital Territory, PK2.86%2 visitors
Sao Paulo, BR1.43%1 visitor
Sverdlovskaya Oblast', RU1.43%1 visitor
Connecticut, US1.43%1 visitor
Virginia, US1.43%1 visitor
New Jersey, US1.43%1 visitor
Daejeon, KR1.43%1 visitor
Gauteng, ZA1.43%1 visitor
Bavaria, DE1.43%1 visitor
Moscow, RU1.43%1 visitor
Departamento de San Salvador, SV1.43%1 visitor
Ontario, CA1.43%1 visitor


City Geo-Stats for your tracker

City, StatePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Guangzhou, Guangdong, CN22.22%16 visitors
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Sheng, CN9.72%7 visitors
Mountain View, California, US9.72%7 visitors
Beijing, Beijing Shi, CN9.72%7 visitors
Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, CN8.33%6 visitors
Redmond, Washington, US5.56%4 visitors
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, KR5.56%4 visitors
Jakarta2.78%2 visitors
Hanoi, Thanh Pho Ha Noi, VN2.78%2 visitors
Boardman, Oregon, US2.78%2 visitors
Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, PK2.78%2 visitors
San Salvador, Departamento de San Salvador, SV1.39%1 visitor
Seattle, Washington, US1.39%1 visitor
Woodbridge, New Jersey, US1.39%1 visitor
Silverton, Gauteng, ZA1.39%1 visitor
São José dos Campos, Sao Paulo, BR1.39%1 visitor
Moscow, Moscow, RU1.39%1 visitor
Fairfield, Connecticut, US1.39%1 visitor
Daejeon, Daejeon, KR1.39%1 visitor
Krasnotur'insk, Sverdlovskaya Oblast', RU1.39%1 visitor
Ashburn, Virginia, US1.39%1 visitor
Ottawa, Ontario, CA1.39%1 visitor
Nuremberg, Bavaria, DE1.39%1 visitor
Palo Alto, California, US1.39%1 visitor

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