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MySpace Blog Tracker

Did you know that you can use a MixMap Tracker for your MySpace Blog?

So you already have a MixMap tracker for your myspace profile, but you would like to see how many people are reading your MySpace blog, huh?

Well, you can create another tracker to do just fact, you can create as many MixMap trackers as you would like.

To create another tracker, simply click on the the Create a Map link found on the top right corner of every page.

And then, to embed the tracker into a myspace blog do the following:
  1. Click "Manage Blog" on your myspace home page
  2. Click "Customize blog" under "My Controls"
  3. Find the "Page Header" section (2nd section)
  4. Select "Your Own Header HTML"
  5. Paste the MixMap Tracking Code in the Header HTML box
  6. Lastly, hit the Update button

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