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Geo-Stats List View: Yorich's map - rvb311

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Country Geo-Stats for your tracker

CountryPercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
France25.66%39 visitors
United States17.76%27 visitors
Germany16.45%25 visitors
Canada4.61%7 visitors
United Kingdom4.61%7 visitors
Belgium3.29%5 visitors
Italy3.29%5 visitors
Luxembourg2.63%4 visitors
South Africa1.97%3 visitors
Dominican Republic1.97%3 visitors
Spain1.32%2 visitors
Poland1.32%2 visitors
Netherlands1.32%2 visitors
Hungary1.32%2 visitors
Russian Federation1.32%2 visitors
Venezuela1.32%2 visitors
Brazil1.32%2 visitors
Slovakia0.66%1 visitor
Turkey0.66%1 visitor
Thailand0.66%1 visitor
Lithuania0.66%1 visitor
Finland0.66%1 visitor
Chile0.66%1 visitor
Australia0.66%1 visitor
Greece0.66%1 visitor
Israel0.66%1 visitor
Norway0.66%1 visitor
New Zealand0.66%1 visitor
Argentina0.66%1 visitor
Portugal0.66%1 visitor

State Geo-Stats for your tracker

State or ProvincePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Lorraine, FR9.28%9 visitors
England, GB5.15%5 visitors
North Rhine-Westphalia, DE4.12%4 visitors
Baden-Württemberg Region, DE4.12%4 visitors
Alsace, FR4.12%4 visitors
Florida, US3.09%3 visitors
Quebec, CA3.09%3 visitors
Rhône-Alpes, FR3.09%3 visitors
Centre, FR3.09%3 visitors
Nacional, DO3.09%3 visitors
New Jersey, US2.06%2 visitors
Walloon Region, BE2.06%2 visitors
Lower Saxony, DE2.06%2 visitors
New York, US2.06%2 visitors
Ontario, CA2.06%2 visitors
Flemish, BE2.06%2 visitors
Texas, US2.06%2 visitors
Ohio, US1.03%1 visitor
Rio de Janeiro, BR1.03%1 visitor
Pennsylvania, US1.03%1 visitor
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FR1.03%1 visitor
Oklahoma, US1.03%1 visitor
Sicily, IT1.03%1 visitor
Vestfold, NO1.03%1 visitor
Veneto, IT1.03%1 visitor
West Pomeranian Voivodeship, PL1.03%1 visitor
Wisconsin, US1.03%1 visitor
Île-de-France, FR1.03%1 visitor
Valencia, ES1.03%1 visitor
Umbria, IT1.03%1 visitor
Sao Paulo, BR1.03%1 visitor
Saxony, DE1.03%1 visitor
Saxony-Anhalt, DE1.03%1 visitor
South Australia, AU1.03%1 visitor
Rostov, RU1.03%1 visitor
Michigan, US1.03%1 visitor
Catalonia, ES1.03%1 visitor
Connecticut, US1.03%1 visitor
District de Luxembourg, LU1.03%1 visitor
Distrito do Porto, PT1.03%1 visitor
Canterbury, NZ1.03%1 visitor
California, US1.03%1 visitor
Attica, GR1.03%1 visitor
Bangkok, TH1.03%1 visitor
Bourgogne, FR1.03%1 visitor
Buenos Aires F.D., AR1.03%1 visitor
Gauteng, ZA1.03%1 visitor
Georgia, US1.03%1 visitor
Manitoba, CA1.03%1 visitor
Maryland, US1.03%1 visitor
Alaska, US1.03%1 visitor
New Mexico, US1.03%1 visitor
Lower Normandy, FR1.03%1 visitor
Lombardy, IT1.03%1 visitor
Hamburg, DE1.03%1 visitor
Istanbul, TR1.03%1 visitor
Kentucky, US1.03%1 visitor
Kujawsko-Pomorskie, PL1.03%1 visitor
North Carolina, US1.03%1 visitor


City Geo-Stats for your tracker

City, StatePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Very, Lorraine, FR9.18%9 visitors
Strasbourg, Alsace, FR4.08%4 visitors
Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Region, DE4.08%4 visitors
Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE3.06%3 visitors
Santo Domingo, Nacional, DO3.06%3 visitors
Piovene Rocchette, Veneto, IT1.02%1 visitor
Orléans, Centre, FR1.02%1 visitor
Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FR1.02%1 visitor
Porto, Distrito do Porto, PT1.02%1 visitor
Québec, Quebec, CA1.02%1 visitor
Ripollet, Catalonia, ES1.02%1 visitor
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BR1.02%1 visitor
Neukamperfehn, Lower Saxony, DE1.02%1 visitor
Modica, Sicily, IT1.02%1 visitor
MARSEILLE1.02%1 visitor
Luxembourg, District de Luxembourg, LU1.02%1 visitor
Longdale, Oklahoma, US1.02%1 visitor
Miami, Florida, US1.02%1 visitor
Milan, Lombardy, IT1.02%1 visitor
Épinay-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, FR1.02%1 visitor
Milano, Umbria, IT1.02%1 visitor
Rolvsoy, Vestfold, NO1.02%1 visitor
Rosengarten, Hamburg, DE1.02%1 visitor
Taganrog, Rostov, RU1.02%1 visitor
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA1.02%1 visitor
Wischhafen, Lower Saxony, DE1.02%1 visitor
Tampa, Florida, US1.02%1 visitor
Warzachewka Polska, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, PL1.02%1 visitor
Wallingford, Connecticut, US1.02%1 visitor
Villeurbanne, Rhône-Alpes, FR1.02%1 visitor
Staten Island, New York, US1.02%1 visitor
Sherbrooke, Quebec, CA1.02%1 visitor
London, Ontario, CA1.02%1 visitor
Saline, Michigan, US1.02%1 visitor
Round Rock, Texas, US1.02%1 visitor
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, BR1.02%1 visitor
Scarborough, Ontario, CA1.02%1 visitor
Shamokin, Pennsylvania, US1.02%1 visitor
Schkopau, Saxony-Anhalt, DE1.02%1 visitor
Warner Robins, Georgia, US1.02%1 visitor
London, England, GB1.02%1 visitor
Caen, Lower Normandy, FR1.02%1 visitor
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., AR1.02%1 visitor
Bridlington, England, GB1.02%1 visitor
Chanas, Rhône-Alpes, FR1.02%1 visitor
Charlotte, North Carolina, US1.02%1 visitor
Colchester, England, GB1.02%1 visitor
Cleveland, Ohio, US1.02%1 visitor
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ1.02%1 visitor
Bridgewater, New Jersey, US1.02%1 visitor
Brick Township, New Jersey, US1.02%1 visitor
Antwerp, Flemish, BE1.02%1 visitor
Anchorage, Alaska, US1.02%1 visitor
Albuquerque, New Mexico, US1.02%1 visitor
Athens, Attica, GR1.02%1 visitor
Aunay-sous-Auneau, Centre, FR1.02%1 visitor
Blauvelt, New York, US1.02%1 visitor
Bangkok, Bangkok, TH1.02%1 visitor
Baltimore, Maryland, US1.02%1 visitor
Domene, Rhône-Alpes, FR1.02%1 visitor
Elda, Valencia, ES1.02%1 visitor
Laurent, Bourgogne, FR1.02%1 visitor
Kirkland, Quebec, CA1.02%1 visitor
Kamien Pomorski, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, PL1.02%1 visitor
Le Poinconnet, Centre, FR1.02%1 visitor
Limelette, Walloon Region, BE1.02%1 visitor
Lobau, Saxony, DE1.02%1 visitor
Liège, Walloon Region, BE1.02%1 visitor
Little Chute, Wisconsin, US1.02%1 visitor
Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA1.02%1 visitor
Iwerne Courtney, England, GB1.02%1 visitor
Geel, Flemish, BE1.02%1 visitor
Garner, Kentucky, US1.02%1 visitor
Forney, Texas, US1.02%1 visitor
Glendora, California, US1.02%1 visitor
Hamminkeln, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE1.02%1 visitor
Istanbul, Istanbul, TR1.02%1 visitor
Helsinki1.02%1 visitor
Hebburn, England, GB1.02%1 visitor
Adelaide, South Australia, AU1.02%1 visitor

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