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Geo-Stats List View: Visitantes
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Country Geo-Stats for your tracker

CountryPercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
United States33.77%26 visitors
Spain18.18%14 visitors
Argentina10.39%8 visitors
Venezuela6.49%5 visitors
Germany3.90%3 visitors
Mexico3.90%3 visitors
Netherlands2.60%2 visitors
Colombia2.60%2 visitors
Peru2.60%2 visitors
Italy2.60%2 visitors
Sweden1.30%1 visitor
United Kingdom1.30%1 visitor
Brazil1.30%1 visitor
Australia1.30%1 visitor
Canada1.30%1 visitor
Russian Federation1.30%1 visitor
Guatemala1.30%1 visitor
Paraguay1.30%1 visitor
France1.30%1 visitor
Portugal1.30%1 visitor

State Geo-Stats for your tracker

State or ProvincePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Texas, US6.52%3 visitors
Pennsylvania, US6.52%3 visitors
Washington, US6.52%3 visitors
Madrid, ES6.52%3 visitors
Michigan, US4.35%2 visitors
Alabama, US4.35%2 visitors
Murcia, ES4.35%2 visitors
Andalusia, ES4.35%2 visitors
Rhône-Alpes, FR2.17%1 visitor
Rhode Island, US2.17%1 visitor
Sao Paulo, BR2.17%1 visitor
Tennessee, US2.17%1 visitor
Victoria, AU2.17%1 visitor
Virginia, US2.17%1 visitor
Västra Götaland, SE2.17%1 visitor
Utah, US2.17%1 visitor
Tuscany, IT2.17%1 visitor
South Holland, NL2.17%1 visitor
Provincia de Lima, PE2.17%1 visitor
Schleswig-Holstein, DE2.17%1 visitor
Minnesota, US2.17%1 visitor
Buenos Aires F.D., AR2.17%1 visitor
Buenos Aires, AR2.17%1 visitor
Balearic Islands, ES2.17%1 visitor
Baden-Württemberg Region, DE2.17%1 visitor
Asuncion, PY2.17%1 visitor
Colorado, US2.17%1 visitor
Departamento de Guatemala, GT2.17%1 visitor
Hesse, DE2.17%1 visitor
Mexico City, MX2.17%1 visitor
Georgia, US2.17%1 visitor
Estado de Baja California, MX2.17%1 visitor
Distrito do Porto, PT2.17%1 visitor
New Hampshire, US2.17%1 visitor


City Geo-Stats for your tracker

City, StatePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Murcia, Murcia, ES4.17%2 visitors
Redmond, Washington, US4.17%2 visitors
Madrid, Madrid, ES4.17%2 visitors
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, ES2.08%1 visitor
Providence, Rhode Island, US2.08%1 visitor
Odessa, Texas, US2.08%1 visitor
New Castle, Pennsylvania, US2.08%1 visitor
Mexico City, Mexico City, MX2.08%1 visitor
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US2.08%1 visitor
Málaga, Andalusia, ES2.08%1 visitor
Rio Tinto, Distrito do Porto, PT2.08%1 visitor
Round Rock, Texas, US2.08%1 visitor
The Hague, South Holland, NL2.08%1 visitor
Tijuana, Estado de Baja California, MX2.08%1 visitor
Torslanda, Västra Götaland, SE2.08%1 visitor
Trenton, Michigan, US2.08%1 visitor
Tarare, Rhône-Alpes, FR2.08%1 visitor
Tacoma, Washington, US2.08%1 visitor
Saint George, Utah, US2.08%1 visitor
San Fernando, Andalusia, ES2.08%1 visitor
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, BR2.08%1 visitor
Rochester, New Hampshire, US2.08%1 visitor
Madrid2.08%1 visitor
Cartersville, Georgia, US2.08%1 visitor
Coburg, Victoria, AU2.08%1 visitor
East Butler, Pennsylvania, US2.08%1 visitor
El Escorial, Madrid, ES2.08%1 visitor
Camaiore, Tuscany, IT2.08%1 visitor
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., AR2.08%1 visitor
Asunción, Asuncion, PY2.08%1 visitor
Auburn, Alabama, US2.08%1 visitor
Aurora, Colorado, US2.08%1 visitor
Bad Bramstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, DE2.08%1 visitor
El Paso, Texas, US2.08%1 visitor
Fredericksburg, Virginia, US2.08%1 visitor
Johnson City, Tennessee, US2.08%1 visitor
Langhorne, Pennsylvania, US2.08%1 visitor
Lima, Provincia de Lima, PE2.08%1 visitor
Lincoln Park, Michigan, US2.08%1 visitor
Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires, AR2.08%1 visitor
Hechingen, Baden-Württemberg Region, DE2.08%1 visitor
Greensboro, Alabama, US2.08%1 visitor
Grossalmerode, Hesse, DE2.08%1 visitor
Guatemala City, Departamento de Guatemala, GT2.08%1 visitor
ALICANTE2.08%1 visitor

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