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Country Geo-Stats for your tracker

CountryPercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
United States54.16%254 visitors
China9.59%45 visitors
Spain5.76%27 visitors
Canada4.05%19 visitors
United Kingdom3.84%18 visitors
Chile2.13%10 visitors
Czech Republic2.13%10 visitors
Korea, Republic of1.49%7 visitors
India1.49%7 visitors
France1.49%7 visitors
Belgium1.07%5 visitors
Mexico1.07%5 visitors
Netherlands1.07%5 visitors
Germany1.07%5 visitors
Indonesia1.07%5 visitors
Peru0.64%3 visitors
Ukraine0.64%3 visitors
Switzerland0.64%3 visitors
Nigeria0.43%2 visitors
Bulgaria0.43%2 visitors
Australia0.43%2 visitors
Greece0.43%2 visitors
Russian Federation0.43%2 visitors
Slovakia0.21%1 visitor
Taiwan0.21%1 visitor
Venezuela0.21%1 visitor
Sweden0.21%1 visitor
Romania0.21%1 visitor
Thailand0.21%1 visitor
Zambia0.21%1 visitor
Italy0.21%1 visitor
Colombia0.21%1 visitor
Cyprus0.21%1 visitor
Cambodia0.21%1 visitor
Bosnia and Herzegovina0.21%1 visitor
Bangladesh0.21%1 visitor
Denmark0.21%1 visitor
Ecuador0.21%1 visitor
Nepal0.21%1 visitor
Philippines0.21%1 visitor
Myanmar (Burma)0.21%1 visitor
Israel0.21%1 visitor
Ghana0.21%1 visitor
Poland0.21%1 visitor

State Geo-Stats for your tracker

State or ProvincePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
California, US21.31%65 visitors
Beijing Shi, CN9.18%28 visitors
Arizona, US4.92%15 visitors
England, GB4.26%13 visitors
New Jersey, US3.61%11 visitors
Florida, US3.28%10 visitors
Pennsylvania, US3.28%10 visitors
Michigan, US2.95%9 visitors
Guangdong, CN2.95%9 visitors
Illinois, US2.62%8 visitors
Washington, US2.30%7 visitors
New York, US2.30%7 visitors
Hlavni mesto Praha, CZ1.97%6 visitors
Oregon, US1.64%5 visitors
Ontario, CA1.64%5 visitors
Texas, US1.64%5 visitors
Ohio, US1.64%5 visitors
Maine, US1.64%5 visitors
Delaware, US1.64%5 visitors
North Carolina, US1.31%4 visitors
Gyeonggi-do, KR1.31%4 visitors
Virginia, US1.31%4 visitors
Nevada, US0.98%3 visitors
Alabama, US0.66%2 visitors
Colorado, US0.66%2 visitors
National Capital Territory of Delhi, IN0.66%2 visitors
Jiangsu Sheng, CN0.66%2 visitors
Shanghai Shi, CN0.66%2 visitors
Zhejiang Sheng, CN0.66%2 visitors
Georgia, US0.66%2 visitors
Flemish, BE0.66%2 visitors
Tennessee, US0.66%2 visitors
North Rhine-Westphalia, DE0.66%2 visitors
Santiago Metropolitan, CL0.33%1 visitor
Provincia de Pichincha, EC0.33%1 visitor
Basque Country, ES0.33%1 visitor
Oklahoma, US0.33%1 visitor
Bavaria, DE0.33%1 visitor
Aragon, ES0.33%1 visitor
Provincia de Lima, PE0.33%1 visitor
Andalusia, ES0.33%1 visitor
Yucatán, MX0.33%1 visitor
Zug, CH0.33%1 visitor
valencia, ES0.33%1 visitor
Île-de-France, FR0.33%1 visitor
West Bengal, IN0.33%1 visitor
Alaska, US0.33%1 visitor
South Carolina, US0.33%1 visitor
Taipei, TW0.33%1 visitor
Bavarien, DE0.33%1 visitor
Victoria, AU0.33%1 visitor
Sicily, IT0.33%1 visitor
New South Wales, AU0.33%1 visitor
Central Region, NP0.33%1 visitor
Kampong Thom, KH0.33%1 visitor
Kashmir, IN0.33%1 visitor
Kentucky, US0.33%1 visitor
Henan Sheng, CN0.33%1 visitor
Hawaii, US0.33%1 visitor
Galicia, ES0.33%1 visitor
Constanta, RO0.33%1 visitor
Gävleborg, SE0.33%1 visitor
Haryana, IN0.33%1 visitor
Liaoning, CN0.33%1 visitor
Madrid, ES0.33%1 visitor
Brittany, FR0.33%1 visitor
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BA0.33%1 visitor
Bogota D.C., CO0.33%1 visitor
Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FR0.33%1 visitor
Missouri, US0.33%1 visitor
Catalonia, ES0.33%1 visitor
Maryland, US0.33%1 visitor
Massachusetts, US0.33%1 visitor
Mexico City, MX0.33%1 visitor
North Holland, NL0.33%1 visitor


City Geo-Stats for your tracker

City, StatePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Beijing, Beijing Shi, CN8.24%28 visitors
Mountain View, California, US6.76%23 visitors
Irvine, California, US5.59%19 visitors
Guangzhou, Guangdong, CN2.65%9 visitors
Southend-on-Sea, England, GB2.65%9 visitors
Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, CZ1.76%6 visitors
Scottsdale, Arizona, US1.76%6 visitors
Phoenix, Arizona, US1.47%5 visitors
Edison, New Jersey, US1.47%5 visitors
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, KR1.18%4 visitors
Lansing, Michigan, US1.18%4 visitors
Redmond, Washington, US1.18%4 visitors
New York, New York, US1.18%4 visitors
Oroville, California, US0.88%3 visitors
Las Vegas, Nevada, US0.88%3 visitors
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US0.88%3 visitors
Wilmington, Delaware, US0.88%3 visitors
valencia0.88%3 visitors
Chicago, Illinois, US0.88%3 visitors
Orlando, Florida, US0.88%3 visitors
Jacksonville, Florida, US0.59%2 visitors
Simi Valley, California, US0.59%2 visitors
Houston, Texas, US0.59%2 visitors
Toronto, Ontario, CA0.59%2 visitors
Woodbridge, New Jersey, US0.59%2 visitors
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Sheng, CN0.59%2 visitors
Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, CN0.59%2 visitors
San Jose, California, US0.59%2 visitors
Ottawa, Ontario, CA0.59%2 visitors
Pensacola, Florida, US0.59%2 visitors
Queen Creek, Arizona, US0.59%2 visitors
Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, CN0.59%2 visitors
Middletown, Delaware, US0.59%2 visitors
San Francisco, California, US0.59%2 visitors
Colorado Springs, Colorado, US0.59%2 visitors
Jakarta0.59%2 visitors
philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US0.29%1 visitor
Sandviken, Gävleborg, SE0.29%1 visitor
Santa Cruz, California, US0.29%1 visitor
San Jose0.29%1 visitor
portland, Maine, US0.29%1 visitor
Sacramento, California, US0.29%1 visitor
San Diego, California, US0.29%1 visitor
portland, Oregon, US0.29%1 visitor
Santa Eulalia, Aragon, ES0.29%1 visitor
Santiago0.29%1 visitor
Shenyang, Liaoning, CN0.29%1 visitor
moncloba0.29%1 visitor
Siuri, West Bengal, IN0.29%1 visitor
paris0.29%1 visitor
****0.29%1 visitor
Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, CL0.29%1 visitor
Schaumburg, Illinois, US0.29%1 visitor
AALST0.29%1 visitor
SANTIAGO0.29%1 visitor
Royal Oak, Michigan, US0.29%1 visitor
Primorsko0.29%1 visitor
Barcelona0.29%1 visitor
prescott, Arizona, US0.29%1 visitor
Preston, England, GB0.29%1 visitor
valencia, valencia, ES0.29%1 visitor
Polk City, Florida, US0.29%1 visitor
Portland, Oregon, US0.29%1 visitor
Alicante0.29%1 visitor
Quilpue0.29%1 visitor
Quito, Provincia de Pichincha, EC0.29%1 visitor
Rochester, Michigan, US0.29%1 visitor
Rockland, Maine, US0.29%1 visitor
prattville, Alabama, US0.29%1 visitor
Rieux-en-Cambresis, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FR0.29%1 visitor
Richmond, Virginia, US0.29%1 visitor
Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE0.29%1 visitor
Redwood City, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Smithsburg, Maryland, US0.29%1 visitor
Somerset, California, US0.29%1 visitor
West Milton, Ohio, US0.29%1 visitor
BRUSSELS0.29%1 visitor
cory, New York, US0.29%1 visitor
Wenatchee, Washington, US0.29%1 visitor
Walnut, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Viveiro, Galicia, ES0.29%1 visitor
Wailuku, Hawaii, US0.29%1 visitor
Wakefield, Massachusetts, US0.29%1 visitor
Wormer0.29%1 visitor
Yakima, Washington, US0.29%1 visitor
asheville, North Carolina, US0.29%1 visitor
chattanooga, Tennessee, US0.29%1 visitor
chiloe0.29%1 visitor
arabia0.29%1 visitor
Zug, Zug, CH0.29%1 visitor
Youngstown, Ohio, US0.29%1 visitor
Zenica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BA0.29%1 visitor
Zhengzhou, Henan Sheng, CN0.29%1 visitor
Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy0.29%1 visitor
USA, Florida, US0.29%1 visitor
Sterling, Illinois, US0.29%1 visitor
Sydney, New South Wales, AU0.29%1 visitor
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US0.29%1 visitor
Stantonsburg, North Carolina, US0.29%1 visitor
Staden, Flemish, BE0.29%1 visitor
**0.29%1 visitor
Southfield, Michigan, US0.29%1 visitor
Spring Lake, Michigan, US0.29%1 visitor
Syracuse, New York, US0.29%1 visitor
london0.29%1 visitor
Tigard, Oregon, US0.29%1 visitor
houston, Texas, US0.29%1 visitor
goodfield, Illinois, US0.29%1 visitor
itakam0.29%1 visitor
The Dalles, Oregon, US0.29%1 visitor
Taipei, Taipei, TW0.29%1 visitor
Taylor, Pennsylvania, US0.29%1 visitor
clifton, New Jersey, US0.29%1 visitor
Paterson, New Jersey, US0.29%1 visitor
Fareham, England, GB0.29%1 visitor
Fox River Grove, Illinois, US0.29%1 visitor
Frankfurt, Bavarien, DE0.29%1 visitor
Gilbert, Arizona, US0.29%1 visitor
Emeryville, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Eltham, Victoria, AU0.29%1 visitor
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, US0.29%1 visitor
El mundo0.29%1 visitor
Elmendorf, Texas, US0.29%1 visitor
Glasgow, Kentucky, US0.29%1 visitor
Grant, Alabama, US0.29%1 visitor
Irun, Basque Country, ES0.29%1 visitor
Ashland, Oregon, US0.29%1 visitor
Itakam0.29%1 visitor
Heerhugowaard0.29%1 visitor
Hannibal, Missouri, US0.29%1 visitor
Greensboro, North Carolina, US0.29%1 visitor
Atlanta, Georgia, US0.29%1 visitor
Gurgaon, Haryana, IN0.29%1 visitor
Aurora, Illinois, US0.29%1 visitor
Eaubonne, Île-de-France, FR0.29%1 visitor
Caldwell, New Jersey, US0.29%1 visitor
Campbellford, Ontario, CA0.29%1 visitor
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, US0.29%1 visitor
Carrollton, Georgia, US0.29%1 visitor
Bénodet, Brittany, FR0.29%1 visitor
Burgos0.29%1 visitor
Brea, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Bridgton, Maine, US0.29%1 visitor
Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, US0.29%1 visitor
Catania, Sicily, IT0.29%1 visitor
Chantilly, Virginia, US0.29%1 visitor
Cupertino, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Cádiz, Spain0.29%1 visitor
Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, IN0.29%1 visitor
Constan?a, Constanta, RO0.29%1 visitor
Circleville, Ohio, US0.29%1 visitor
Chesapeake, Virginia, US0.29%1 visitor
Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE0.29%1 visitor
Cincinnati, Ohio, US0.29%1 visitor
Jacksonville, North Carolina, US0.29%1 visitor
Kathmandu, Central Region, NP0.29%1 visitor
NY, New York, US0.29%1 visitor
New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, IN0.29%1 visitor
0.29%1 visitor
Norfolk, Virginia, US0.29%1 visitor
Mérida, Yucatán, MX0.29%1 visitor
Munich, Bavaria, DE0.29%1 visitor
Mexico City, Mexico City, MX0.29%1 visitor
Moscu0.29%1 visitor
Amsterdam, North Holland, NL0.29%1 visitor
North Charleston, South Carolina, US0.29%1 visitor
North Hollywood, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Borger0.29%1 visitor
Bellevue, Washington, US0.29%1 visitor
Almería0.29%1 visitor
Parla0.29%1 visitor
Bjæverskov0.29%1 visitor
Oak Park, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Oak Park, Michigan, US0.29%1 visitor
Bangor, Maine, US0.29%1 visitor
Metropolis, Maine, US0.29%1 visitor
Memphis, Tennessee, US0.29%1 visitor
Leeds, England, GB0.29%1 visitor
Leuven, Flemish, BE0.29%1 visitor
Lima0.29%1 visitor
Lima, Provincia de Lima, PE0.29%1 visitor
Lawton , Oklahoma, US0.29%1 visitor
Bogotá, Bogota D.C., CO0.29%1 visitor
Kundan, Kashmir, IN0.29%1 visitor
Lake Elsinore, California, US0.29%1 visitor
Anchorage, Alaska, US0.29%1 visitor
Llanes0.29%1 visitor
London, England, GB0.29%1 visitor
Maple Ridge0.29%1 visitor
Martos, Andalusia, ES0.29%1 visitor
Medina, Ohio, US0.29%1 visitor
Malgrat de Mar, Catalonia, ES0.29%1 visitor
Madrid, Madrid, ES0.29%1 visitor
Lugo0.29%1 visitor
MARSEILLE0.29%1 visitor
Madrid0.29%1 visitor
Phumi Boeng (1), Kampong Thom, KH0.29%1 visitor

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