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Country Geo-Stats for your tracker

CountryPercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
United States59.39%291 visitors
Spain6.94%34 visitors
United Kingdom3.88%19 visitors
Chile2.86%14 visitors
France2.65%13 visitors
China2.24%11 visitors
Canada2.24%11 visitors
Poland2.04%10 visitors
Germany2.04%10 visitors
Russian Federation1.84%9 visitors
Turkey1.43%7 visitors
Indonesia1.02%5 visitors
Portugal0.82%4 visitors
Belgium0.82%4 visitors
New Zealand0.82%4 visitors
Korea, Republic of0.82%4 visitors
India0.61%3 visitors
Ukraine0.61%3 visitors
South Africa0.61%3 visitors
Morocco0.41%2 visitors
Philippines0.41%2 visitors
Slovakia0.41%2 visitors
Australia0.41%2 visitors
Netherlands0.41%2 visitors
Brazil0.41%2 visitors
United Arab Emirates0.20%1 visitor
Peru0.20%1 visitor
Zambia0.20%1 visitor
Italy0.20%1 visitor
Cyprus0.20%1 visitor
Ghana0.20%1 visitor
Croatia0.20%1 visitor
Colombia0.20%1 visitor
Bahrain0.20%1 visitor
Bulgaria0.20%1 visitor
Guatemala0.20%1 visitor
Hong Kong0.20%1 visitor
Luxembourg0.20%1 visitor
Malaysia0.20%1 visitor
Japan0.20%1 visitor
Argentina0.20%1 visitor
Hungary0.20%1 visitor
Iran, Islamic Republic of0.20%1 visitor
Mexico0.20%1 visitor

State Geo-Stats for your tracker

State or ProvincePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
California, US20.54%69 visitors
Arizona, US6.25%21 visitors
New York, US4.46%15 visitors
Delaware, US4.46%15 visitors
Illinois, US3.57%12 visitors
England, GB3.27%11 visitors
Virginia, US2.98%10 visitors
Beijing Shi, CN2.68%9 visitors
North Carolina, US2.68%9 visitors
Washington, US2.68%9 visitors
New Jersey, US2.68%9 visitors
Texas, US2.38%8 visitors
Pennsylvania, US2.08%7 visitors
Ohio, US1.79%6 visitors
Kentucky, US1.79%6 visitors
Michigan, US1.49%5 visitors
Massachusetts, US1.49%5 visitors
Catalonia, ES1.49%5 visitors
Nevada, US1.49%5 visitors
Valencia, ES1.19%4 visitors
West Pomeranian Voivodeship, PL1.19%4 visitors
Georgia, US0.89%3 visitors
Hawaii, US0.89%3 visitors
Indiana, US0.89%3 visitors
Oregon, US0.89%3 visitors
Tennessee, US0.89%3 visitors
Florida, US0.89%3 visitors
Santiago Metropolitan, CL0.89%3 visitors
Ontario, CA0.60%2 visitors
Wisconsin, US0.60%2 visitors
Wyoming, US0.60%2 visitors
Mississippi, US0.60%2 visitors
Missouri, US0.60%2 visitors
Rhône-Alpes, FR0.60%2 visitors
Louisiana, US0.60%2 visitors
Moscow, RU0.60%2 visitors
Region de Valparaiso, CL0.60%2 visitors
Masovian Voivodeship, PL0.60%2 visitors
Baden-Württemberg Region, DE0.60%2 visitors
Gyeonggi-do, KR0.60%2 visitors
Canterbury, NZ0.60%2 visitors
Kansas, US0.60%2 visitors
Andalusia, ES0.60%2 visitors
Shanghai Shi, CN0.30%1 visitor
Distrito de Braga, PT0.30%1 visitor
Saskatchewan, CA0.30%1 visitor
Castille-La Mancha, ES0.30%1 visitor
Departamento de Huehuetenango, GT0.30%1 visitor
Rostov, RU0.30%1 visitor
Samsun, TR0.30%1 visitor
Rio Grande do Sul, BR0.30%1 visitor
Cusco, PE0.30%1 visitor
Victoria, AU0.30%1 visitor
Antioquia, CO0.30%1 visitor
sevilla, ES0.30%1 visitor
Île-de-France, FR0.30%1 visitor
West Virginia, US0.30%1 visitor
Aragon, ES0.30%1 visitor
Quebec, CA0.30%1 visitor
Bavaria, DE0.30%1 visitor
Volyns'ka Oblast', UA0.30%1 visitor
Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, HU0.30%1 visitor
Distrito do Porto, PT0.30%1 visitor
Jiangsu Sheng, CN0.30%1 visitor
Istanbul, TR0.30%1 visitor
National Capital Region, PH0.30%1 visitor
Navarre, ES0.30%1 visitor
Kurskaya Oblast', RU0.30%1 visitor
L'vivs'ka Oblast', UA0.30%1 visitor
Madrid, ES0.30%1 visitor
Maryland, US0.30%1 visitor
, 0.30%1 visitor
Hesse, DE0.30%1 visitor
New Mexico, US0.30%1 visitor
Oklahoma, US0.30%1 visitor
Dubai, AE0.30%1 visitor
Orange Free State, ZA0.30%1 visitor
Lefkosia, CY0.30%1 visitor
Extremadura, ES0.30%1 visitor
North Rhine-Westphalia, DE0.30%1 visitor
New South Wales, AU0.30%1 visitor
Groningen, NL0.30%1 visitor
Gauteng, ZA0.30%1 visitor
Distrito de Leiria, PT0.30%1 visitor


City Geo-Stats for your tracker

City, StatePercentage of VisitsVisitor Data
Irvine, California, US6.99%26 visitors
Mountain View, California, US6.18%23 visitors
Scottsdale, Arizona, US4.03%15 visitors
Wilmington, Delaware, US4.03%15 visitors
New York, New York, US3.49%13 visitors
Beijing, Beijing Shi, CN2.42%9 visitors
Ashburn, Virginia, US1.88%7 visitors
Redmond, Washington, US1.61%6 visitors
Houston, Texas, US1.61%6 visitors
Las Vegas, Nevada, US1.34%5 visitors
Edison, New Jersey, US1.34%5 visitors
Phoenix, Arizona, US1.08%4 visitors
Chicago, Illinois, US1.08%4 visitors
Jakarta0.81%3 visitors
Manchester, England, GB0.81%3 visitors
Nowogard, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, PL0.81%3 visitors
Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, CL0.81%3 visitors
Santa Cruz, California, US0.81%3 visitors
Santiago0.81%3 visitors
Alicante, Valencia, ES0.81%3 visitors
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ0.54%2 visitors
Southend-on-Sea, England, GB0.54%2 visitors
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, FR0.54%2 visitors
Tarragona, Catalonia, ES0.54%2 visitors
Preston, England, GB0.54%2 visitors
Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, PL0.54%2 visitors
Barcelona0.54%2 visitors
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, KR0.54%2 visitors
Miami, Florida, US0.54%2 visitors
San Diego, California, US0.54%2 visitors
Moscow, Moscow, RU0.54%2 visitors
Woodbridge, New Jersey, US0.54%2 visitors
Rock Springs, Wyoming, US0.54%2 visitors
Barcelona, Catalonia, ES0.54%2 visitors
Columbus, Ohio, US0.54%2 visitors
Jacksonville, North Carolina, US0.54%2 visitors
Rodgau, Hesse, DE0.27%1 visitor
Rostov-on-Don, Rostov, RU0.27%1 visitor
Radcliff, Kentucky, US0.27%1 visitor
Reynoldsburg, Ohio, US0.27%1 visitor
Reedsburg, Wisconsin, US0.27%1 visitor
Rochester, Michigan, US0.27%1 visitor
Redwood City, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Regina, Saskatchewan, CA0.27%1 visitor
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BR0.27%1 visitor
Orlando, West Virginia, US0.27%1 visitor
Nuremberg, Bavaria, DE0.27%1 visitor
Ottawa, Ontario, CA0.27%1 visitor
Palm Bay, Florida, US0.27%1 visitor
Pego, Valencia, ES0.27%1 visitor
Nuneaton, England, GB0.27%1 visitor
Novovolyns'k, Volyns'ka Oblast', UA0.27%1 visitor
New Holland, Pennsylvania, US0.27%1 visitor
Nicosia, Lefkosia, CY0.27%1 visitor
North Hollywood, California, US0.27%1 visitor
North Vancouver0.27%1 visitor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US0.27%1 visitor
Philly, , 0.27%1 visitor
Prosperity, Pennsylvania, US0.27%1 visitor
Queen Creek, Arizona, US0.27%1 visitor
Quezon City, National Capital Region, PH0.27%1 visitor
Quilpue0.27%1 visitor
Primorsko0.27%1 visitor
Royal Oak, Michigan, US0.27%1 visitor
Pinetops, North Carolina, US0.27%1 visitor
Pittsburg0.27%1 visitor
Pittsburg, Kansas, US0.27%1 visitor
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US0.27%1 visitor
Quilpué, Region de Valparaiso, CL0.27%1 visitor
Seville0.27%1 visitor
Yakima, Washington, US0.27%1 visitor
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US0.27%1 visitor
Zagreb0.27%1 visitor
Zaragoza, Aragon, ES0.27%1 visitor
Zuidbroek, Groningen, NL0.27%1 visitor
Wilmington, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
Willowbrook, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
WHANGAREI0.27%1 visitor
Wahiawa, Hawaii, US0.27%1 visitor
Wailuku, Hawaii, US0.27%1 visitor
White Salmon, Washington, US0.27%1 visitor
asheville, North Carolina, US0.27%1 visitor
chattanooga, Tennessee, US0.27%1 visitor
philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US0.27%1 visitor
portland, Oregon, US0.27%1 visitor
sevilla, sevilla, ES0.27%1 visitor
valencia0.27%1 visitor
paris0.27%1 visitor
la chapelle basse mer0.27%1 visitor
cory, New York, US0.27%1 visitor
esc, California, US0.27%1 visitor
goodfield, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
istanbul0.27%1 visitor
Virginia Beach, Virginia, US0.27%1 visitor
Villa Alemana, Region de Valparaiso, CL0.27%1 visitor
Socorro, New Mexico, US0.27%1 visitor
Somerset, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Somerset, Kentucky, US0.27%1 visitor
South Easton, Massachusetts, US0.27%1 visitor
Simi Valley, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, CN0.27%1 visitor
SCT0.27%1 visitor
Samsun, Samsun, TR0.27%1 visitor
San diego, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, CN0.27%1 visitor
South San Francisco, California, US0.27%1 visitor
St Louis, Missouri, US0.27%1 visitor
SÝNOP0.27%1 visitor
Tigard, Oregon, US0.27%1 visitor
Toronto, Ontario, CA0.27%1 visitor
Vicksburg, Mississippi, US0.27%1 visitor
Szczecin, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, PL0.27%1 visitor
Sydney, New South Wales, AU0.27%1 visitor
St Medard en Jalles0.27%1 visitor
Statesville, North Carolina, US0.27%1 visitor
Sterling, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
Sunnyvale, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Rye, New York, US0.27%1 visitor
Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg Region, DE0.27%1 visitor
Central District0.27%1 visitor
Cartagena0.27%1 visitor
Charlotte, North Carolina, US0.27%1 visitor
Cincinnati, Ohio, US0.27%1 visitor
Circleville, Ohio, US0.27%1 visitor
Carrollton, Georgia, US0.27%1 visitor
Cambridge, Massachusetts, US0.27%1 visitor
Brest0.27%1 visitor
Bs As0.27%1 visitor
Burgos0.27%1 visitor
Burlata, Navarre, ES0.27%1 visitor
Collierville, Tennessee, US0.27%1 visitor
Cusco, Cusco, PE0.27%1 visitor
El Salvador, Departamento de Huehuetenango, GT0.27%1 visitor
El mundo0.27%1 visitor
Fareham, England, GB0.27%1 visitor
Federal Way, Washington, US0.27%1 visitor
El Paso, Texas, US0.27%1 visitor
Dubai, Dubai, AE0.27%1 visitor
Cádiz, Spain0.27%1 visitor
Dallas, Texas, US0.27%1 visitor
Denpasar0.27%1 visitor
Des Plaines, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
Brea, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Boston, Massachusetts, US0.27%1 visitor
Altoona, Pennsylvania, US0.27%1 visitor
Almería, Andalusia, ES0.27%1 visitor
Arcozelo, Distrito do Porto, PT0.27%1 visitor
Atlanta, Georgia, US0.27%1 visitor
Atlantic City, New Jersey, US0.27%1 visitor
Alicante0.27%1 visitor
Alberton0.27%1 visitor
****0.27%1 visitor
AALST0.27%1 visitor
Ackerman, Mississippi, US0.27%1 visitor
Albacete, Castille-La Mancha, ES0.27%1 visitor
Auburn, Massachusetts, US0.27%1 visitor
Aurora, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
Blacksburg, Virginia, US0.27%1 visitor
Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, ZA0.27%1 visitor
Boisbriand, Quebec, CA0.27%1 visitor
Borger0.27%1 visitor
Bayville, New Jersey, US0.27%1 visitor
Barbourville, Kentucky, US0.27%1 visitor
Azurem, Distrito de Braga, PT0.27%1 visitor
BRUSSELS0.27%1 visitor
Bad Urach, Baden-Württemberg Region, DE0.27%1 visitor
Badajoz, Extremadura, ES0.27%1 visitor
Ferriday, Louisiana, US0.27%1 visitor
Fox River Grove, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
Manhattan Beach, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Madrid, Madrid, ES0.27%1 visitor
Marbella, Andalusia, ES0.27%1 visitor
Marina del Rey, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Marlborough, Massachusetts, US0.27%1 visitor
MARSEILLE0.27%1 visitor
Lynwood, California, US0.27%1 visitor
London, England, GB0.27%1 visitor
London, Kentucky, US0.27%1 visitor
Los Angeles, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Lviv, L'vivs'ka Oblast', UA0.27%1 visitor
Mataró, Catalonia, ES0.27%1 visitor
Medellín, Antioquia, CO0.27%1 visitor
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US0.27%1 visitor
Miskolc, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, HU0.27%1 visitor
Monroe, Louisiana, US0.27%1 visitor
Montreuil, Île-de-France, FR0.27%1 visitor
Milan0.27%1 visitor
0.27%1 visitor
Medford, Oregon, US0.27%1 visitor
Medina, Ohio, US0.27%1 visitor
Memphis, Tennessee, US0.27%1 visitor
Merrillville, Indiana, US0.27%1 visitor
London0.27%1 visitor
Leonardtown, Maryland, US0.27%1 visitor
Greenville, North Carolina, US0.27%1 visitor
Hazard, Kentucky, US0.27%1 visitor
Heerhugowaard0.27%1 visitor
Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE0.27%1 visitor
Grand Haven, Michigan, US0.27%1 visitor
Glasgow, Kentucky, US0.27%1 visitor
Frankfort, Illinois, US0.27%1 visitor
Fremont, California, US0.27%1 visitor
Fremont, Michigan, US0.27%1 visitor
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, US0.27%1 visitor
Hornchurch, England, GB0.27%1 visitor
Indianapolis, Indiana, US0.27%1 visitor
Lansing, Michigan, US0.27%1 visitor
Lawton , Oklahoma, US0.27%1 visitor
Leavenworth, Kansas, US0.27%1 visitor
Leiria, Distrito de Leiria, PT0.27%1 visitor
Kursk, Kurskaya Oblast', RU0.27%1 visitor
Keilor, Victoria, AU0.27%1 visitor
Istanbul, Istanbul, TR0.27%1 visitor
Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA0.27%1 visitor
Kailua, Hawaii, US0.27%1 visitor
Kansas City, Missouri, US0.27%1 visitor
Muncie, Indiana, US0.27%1 visitor

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